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Electric Golf Caddy

The eMotion caddies are innovations in golf cart technology, engineered and built in Germany, with a streamlined, lightweight, compact, and functional design that does not compromise on quality or style. They are powered by a unique type of lithium manganese battery, discreetly tucked into the cross bar, that weighs only 2.5 lbs but easily lasts a full round of golf. The battery powers two independent 200 watt virtually silent motors located within the rear wheels. The operation of an electric caddy has never been easier than it is with the eMotion patented sensor grip, where the light touch of your finger will start the caddy. No cogs, No wires, no dials, no switches, no worries. You feet are on the ground and your mind is on the game.

Voice Golf GPS Pro

Voice GPS Pro is the lightest and latest in golf technology, allowing the golfer to keep track of distance through an LCD screen and a calm, soothing voice. It is preloaded with over 45,000+ courses worldwide and a battery that last 12 hours. Voice GPS Pro is weather proof device that proves to be a great companion. Weighing only 1.2 oz. this handsfree device makes it the lightest among the rest of the golf GPS / Rangefinders. This device allows the active golfer to interact with GPS technology in a manageable and effortless way. No fees, no contracts, ever. With Voice GPS Pro you have instant access to preloaded courses from all over the world and the availability of updates without any hidden costs. Learn the course, improve your game, play golf and relax. With Voice GPS Pro, you'll never need another GPS device again.