NEW Update Available!

AMBA9 Update

How to download all the golf courses:

  1. Open Upgrade Manager program on your computer.
  2. Connect USB to computer and turn “On” the gps.
  3. Computer will detect it and the Upgrade Manager program will show the list of country on left side box.
    **Once the device is detected, "Firmware update. Download New Firmware" message will appear, then go to "Firmware(s)" on menu bar and click the "Firmware Download (W) Ctrl+W" for updated firmware.
  4. Click “Download All” at the bottom left hand.
  5. It will ask to format the drive, click “Yes”
  6. Click “Start” Formatting
  7. Once it is done formating, click “Close”
  8. It will download automatically.
  9. After downloading. It will show “Download Finish”
  10. Disconnect USB from computer – The Device display will shows “UP” and “OFF” and says “Good Bye”, then turn off the unit.
NOTE: All voice gps comes with preloaded maps. Use these steps ONLY IF NEEDED.

*If the golf course is not listed, you can contact us to have the golf course listed.